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Latest Samples & Re-Stock:

Posted 10/4/2022
  • Alles Seife Men Only No.2 & Men Only No.3 (Austria).
  • Barrister & Mann - O, Delight! (Excelsior), Roam (Soft Heart PP-8), Terror (Excelsior) (USA)
  • Castle Forbes 1445 cream (Scotland)
  • Maître Savonitto - Shaving Soap (France)
  • Martin de Candre - Fougere & Rose (France)
  • Noble Otter - Neon Sun, Orbit, Thé Noir et Vanille (USA)
  • Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements - Cold Spice CK-6 (USA)
  • RazoRock - Black, Blue, Gold & Green triple milled hard soaps in puck & stick forms.(Italy)
  • Saponificio Varesino - 70th Anniversary (Italy)
  • Southern Witchcrafts - Carpathia, Grave Fruit II, Tres Matres (USA) 
  • The Holy Black - Gunpowder Spice soap & cream and Secret Stash Almond Biscotti & Oatmeal Cookie (USA) 
  • Théophile Berthon - Shaving Soap (France)
  • Zingari Man The Traditionalist (USA)
  • Zartgefühl - Men’s Secret Shaving Soap (Germany)

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