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Posted 2/3/2020

Acca Kappa White Moss Shaving Cream (Italy)

Barrister & Mann - Baudelaire, Nordost (USA)

Boellis Shaving Cream Soaps - Daytona 10, Panama Soft (Italy)

Boellis Panama Fefè (Dandy Napoletano) ASB (Italy)

Catie's Bubbles Shaving Soaps - Summer Solstice (USA)

Golddachs Shaving Soaps - Classic, Sandalwood (Germany)

D.R. Harris & Co Shaving Soaps - Arlington, Windsor (England)

L'Occitane Cade Shaving Soap (France)

Mansfield Shaving Creams - Antonio De Curtis, E.Marinella (Italy)

Martin de Candre Coprah Oil (France)

Oaken Lab Shaving Soaps - Batavia Barber, Conservatory, Far Afield (Indonesia)

PannaCrema Nuàvia Shaving Soaps - Blu, Rossa (Italy)

Stirling Shaving Soaps - Deton-8, Executive Man, Piacenza, Sandalwood, Sharp Dressed Man, Tsuka, Tuscany  (USA)..

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