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Shaving Cream Samples 

Shaving cream/soft soap samples are taken fresh from unused tubs or tubes. Each cream sample is provided by volume in 10ml plastic containers securely packaged in case of spillage. Due to the nature of shaving cream the contents may settle or partially dry out during transit.   

Instructions:  Scoop out a pea or almond sized portion of cream with your little finger or a small spatula(free here ). Dab the cream bit by bit onto a damp shaving brush - then lather up using your usual method(bowl, hand or face).

Shaving Soap Samples 

Shaving soap samples are supplied as:

  • Hard Soaps - freshly milled flakes taken from unused sticks or pucks. For extra freshness each 10 gram sample will be in a waxed paper bag inside a seal-grip plastic bag. 
  • Soft Soaps/Hard Creams(Croaps in some circles) are supplied as 10g blocks in waxed paper inside a seal-grip plastic bag or in a 10ml container - a small spatula is available free here .  

Instructions:  Remove the soap sample from all containers or wrapping. Press the soap into any container wide enough for a shaving brush. Examples include an old shaving soap tub, ramekin, small bowl or a wide coffee mug. If the soap is particularly hard to mould try sprinkling a few drops of warm water into your container. Then press the soap gently with your thumbs spreading it as thinly as possible along the bottom and at least halfway up the sides of your container.

Use a damp shaving brush to load the soap – then lather up using your usual method(bowl, hand or face).

Douglas Smythe has a great YouTube video showing how to use soap samples here .


Lathering Tip: A soaking wet brush shortens the lifespan of the cream or soap sample. If needed, only add water at the lathering stage and even then only a few drops at a time. One sample should give at least 3 or 4 multi-pass shaves.


Post-Shave Balm Samples

Each balm sample is supplied in a 5ml screwtop plastic container. Every sample is labelled with brand name, balm name & country of origin.

5ml may not sound much but most post-shave balms are a milky consistency and a little goes a long way. Just dip your little finger in the container, dab lightly in 4 or 5 places on face/neck then spread using your hand(s).

Each balm sample should be good for 3 to 5 shaves, maybe more, depending on product & your technique.



Some trial and error is needed to determine the sensitivity of your skin and hair coarseness to discover which brand of blade works best for you.

At our service allows you to choose the blades and quantity you want to try.

Choosing Blades - we recommend trying a minimum of TWO blades of each brand or type so that, if a blade doesn't work, you have another to try out. If two in a row are bad, then you probably don’t want that brand: either the brand doesn’t suit your skin or quality control at the factory is inadequate.

Packing - Single Edge Blades - all are new, unused and are hygienically removed from their dispenser cartridge, then individually labelled for easy identification before being securely packed for safe shipping. 

Packing - Double Edge Blades - all are new, unused and in their original retail 5 or 10 pack container - securely packed for safe shipping.

Try That Soap:

This USA based non-commercial website is a great resource for researching different scents in soaps, creams, balms etc. It also gives some information on product status(seasonal, discontinued etc). The owner Alex Hart is a really friendly & knowledgeable guy.

By signing up(free) you can create your own personalised scent archive - link to the site is here .

Please be aware that the scent profile of samples is likely to be diminished. This is due to the product being exposed to air by removal from original container, then shipped & then stored by the consumer.